Molly Ann Farms seeks to help individuals and their families who have been negatively impacted by the failed criminal laws against cannabis. And recognizing the costs of prohibition, Molly Ann Farms is committed to ensuring that the legal adult use cannabis experience is a hugely positive one for all aspects of society, from the adults who choose to buy and consume it, to the communities Molly Ann Farms operates in, to the bigger shared natural environment and our home planet earth.

We intend to do our part to diminish equity disparity on a macro-level. The subtle distinction between equity and equality is often overlooked in the cannabis industry. While equality generally focuses on ensuring that everyone has access to the same resources, Molly Ann Farms considers equity as accounting for different starting points, and the unique needs of different populations as a result of long-standing systemic and legislated barriers to opportunities to access those resources.[1] Molly Ann Farm is of the opinion that the prohibition of cannabis has led to a socio-economic imbalance and profound disadvantage to certain communities, especially those of color. Molly Ann Farms believes that in order to establish a company culture of inclusion, respect and equality, the Company must have a steady and broad commitment to social equity.

[1] This definition is inspired by RACE FORWARD, RACE REPORTING GUIDE 27 (2015),

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