Pre-rolls are joints that are pre-filled with some type of cannabis. Pre-rolls are always ready to go, and nothing beats the ready-made convenience of a pre-roll when you’re just in a hurry to get slowed down. In the cannabis industry today, pre-roll is the term that is preferred to joint, but they are one in the same. Pre-rolls are one of the top ways to ingest cannabis, and here at Molly Ann Farms in Haledon, we have a great selection to choose from.

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Maybe you would like more cannabis in your cones or maybe you just simply aren’t comfortable with rolling your own cannabis yet. If either of these is the case, then pre-rolls will be just the right option for your smoking needs. Most of the time, cannabis consumers roll their own cannabis. However, pre-rolls offer convenience that is hard to beat.

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Pre-rolls can be made in different ways. Some are small cones that taper down to a mouthpiece, and others are the same size all the way to the mouthpiece. However, most pre-rolls do have some sort of a mouthpiece in the drawing end, so just remember to light the other end! You won’t be disappointed in the variety or the quality when you check out the pre-rolls here at Molly Ann Farms.

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