Spreading happy across our employees, clients and the communities we serve

Right the Wrongs

We believe that cannabis provides many benefits, and its prohibition has caused widespread harm while widening the socioeconomic divide. Products riddled with harmful additives, illicit businesses targeting our youth, and the huge cost that certain communities, particularly those of color, have paid under the prohibition of cannabis must be cured. We seek to help those individuals and their families who have been negatively impacted by the failed criminal laws against cannabis. Molly Ann Farms is committed to ensuring that the legal adult use cannabis experience is a hugely positive one, from the adults who choose to buy and consume it, to the communities we operate in, to the shared natural environment and our home planet earth.

Be the Sunshine

Happy comes in different ways for different people. For some, happiness is relief from chronic pain or social anxiety, it’s a good night sleep or a deep and satisfying belly laugh. For others, it’s a steady job, it’s housing and the security of knowing there’ll be food for their children, and access to good healthcare. We strive to be a haven for all forms and flavors of happy. We want to provide opportunities for people to be happy, and for them to spread their happiness on to others. Molly Ann Farms believes that creating jobs, providing healthcare benefits and sponsoring programs to help others achieve their goals are an integral part of our operations. Smiling is contagious and we do that too.

Common Ground

The belief that adult use cannabis provides distinct benefits is shared by individuals across multi-cultural, multi-generational and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. This credo brings people from all walks of life together. Molly Ann Farms serves to support this common ground for which acceptance, tolerance and respect converge to create a unique and powerful community. A community that brings rise to happiness.

Paterson Great Falls, a National Historic Park located one mile from Molly Ann Farms


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