Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are made by distilling parts of the cannabis plant. The cannabis distillation process can be completed in many ways. You can use dry processing, water-based processing, or even dry ice processing. The completed product is a highly potent, THC-concentrated mass. Finished cannabis concentrates can have different textures, including lip balm texture, hard solids, or even liquid wax.

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No matter what texture you end up with, cannabis concentrates contain the cannabinoids and the terpenes found in cannabis flower. However, with concentrates, you don’t have all of the extra plant material to deal with. Concentrates have more terpenes and cannabinoids than a cannabis flower that has not been through the distillation process.

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Since different strains of cannabis plants have different properties, you can get different effects when you use concentrates from each one. For a physically and psychologically intense cannabis experience, concentrates can be inhaled or vaporized by using a vape pen or by dabbing. No matter what strain of concentrate you would like to try, the cannabis experts at Molly Ann Farms can help you find the perfect one. Come and see us for a cannabis experience like no other. Experience happy in a whole new way here at Molly Ann Farms in Haledon.

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