What led to the creation of Molly Ann Farms, a cannabis dispensary in Haledon, NJ? Picture this: I’m a mom of three teens trying to survive the chaos of Covid. Cue the dramatic music.

So, there I am, minding my own business, momming it up, when my oldest decides to dabble in the mystical arts of cannabis during the pandemic. The poor thing comes home shaking uncontrollably like a leaf in a hurricane. Turns out, her weed was laced and I’m suddenly the star of a parental horror movie. Thank the universe it took a turn for the better, unlike the heartbreaking stories we hear way too often. The aftermath? A punishment lockdown for a solid month – no phone, no TV, and definitely no leaving the house.

The incident still haunts me and in my opinion the illicit market is scarier than a horror movie marathon. Harmful additives, mystery substances—it’s like playing Russian roulette with your chill time. So what if we can convert the “plugs” from the wild west to the regulated market? It’s a win-win. Safer products, a thriving community, and no more guessing games.

Before you roll your eyes, I’m not greenlighting cannabis for anyone under 21. It’s like being carded at the club; we’ve got rules, regulations and a strong moral compass.

Before Molly Ann Farms I was no expert, but I did a little digging. Cannabis, grows from the ground. It’s like Mother Nature’s chill pill. Many Doctors even say it’s safer than your average Friday night with a bottle of Merlot. Plus, it’s been legal for medical use in NJ since 2018. So, what gives?

Cannabis has been the black sheep, unfairly shunned. But guess what? A supermajority of Jersey folks decided it’s time for a change. Enter the recreational use vote that shook the Garden State, uniting people from all walks of life like a potluck dinner where everyone brings the good stuff.

Armed with knowledge and a newfound sense of justice, the three year journey, or should I say street fight began. What we’ve created isn’t just a dispensary—it’s a fortress of fun, education, and good vibes. We’re here to teach you that cannabis is like the wizard of the plant world, offering magical relief for all sorts of troubles.

We’re flipping the script on cannabis stigma. Molly Ann Farms isn’t just breaking down barriers; we’re putting on a variety show of knowledge, laughter, and maybe a dash of rebellion. Because when life gives you lemons, make a lemon-flavored edible and join us on this wild ride from panic to pot. It’s high time we all embrace the green revolution with a wink and a smile – minus the uncontrollable shaking.

– Gaby

Paterson Great Falls, a National Historic Park located one mile from Molly Ann Farms


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